1Kosmos enables you to make sure your employees and customers are who they are. This is KYC and KYE at it’s best!

1Kosmos is the world’s only cybersecurity solution that combines indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics, passwordless authentication, while storing user data encrypted in a private, permissioned blockchain.
BlockID goes beyond all passwordless solutions on the market by bringing decentralized identity to your workforce and customers. Our indisputable ID-proofing process backed by the use of advanced biometrics ensures that you know for a fact who accesses your systems and applications.

To get a better idea of what we offer please look at this 10 minute video:

1Kosmos BlockID is fully IAL3 and AAL3 compliant per the NIST SP-800 63-3 guidelines.

1Kosmos BlockID products include:

BlockID Verify
BlockID Verify is a revolutionary new way to capture and validate identity information for employees and customers. Instead of filling out forms, people use the BlockID mobile app to scan their existing identity documents, and BlockID Verify confirms the validity of those credentials in minutes — automatically without any human intervention.

BlockID Workforce
BlockID Workforce is a next-generation identity solution, designed to greatly improve the security of your corporate network and enterprise applications, by eliminating usernames and passwords and the need for separate multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions — and all the risks, costs and hassles that go with them.

BlockID Customer
Frictionless customer login and more secure data — that’s what BlockID Customer brings to the table. BlockID Customer is a powerful new consumer identity management solution, that can dramatically enhance the customer experience by simplifying and streamlining registration, login and purchase processes, while increasing security and privacy and reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

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