For Start-Ups

Start-ups are exciting and challenging. At Xceediant, we specialize in enabling start-ups to accelerate their go-to-market timelines. We also match the right start-up with the right potential customers, thereby helping to build a mission-critical pipeline.

A few points on how we help start-ups:

For less than the cost of one full-time salesperson, Xceediant will deploy a team of seasoned enterprise sales executives, who will accelerate qualified introductions to technology leaders in their community.

We maintain “trusted advisor” relationships with our clients which gives us invaluable feedback on both the product and the market fit.

With the feedback that we receive, we then team up with you, to provide market development efforts which will best message your solution and guarantee a repeatable business model for success.

Most importantly, we ensure that the sales cycle is managed from introduction, feedback, messaging, proof of concept and purchase order.