Scapien brings to the table their unique intelligent Penetration Assimilation System (iPAS) pen-testing system to meet a wide range of cybersecurity and pen-testing needs.

The security attack surface is growing rapidly and the traditional Pen-testing process does not scale, quality security experts are in short supply, especially those with the knowledge of the latest technologies. The COVID-19 global pandemic has accelerated a paradigm-shift that was taking place, but at a much slower pace — the work-from-home phenomenon. This increases the attack-surface for malevolent actors and thus increases an organizations IT vulnerability. As your company’s attack surface continues to grow, IT must focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that matter most — the vulnerabilities that would be exploited by hackers in an attack. 

Scapien has the ability to deal with both the increased cyber-attack space and the reduced budgets with our unique proprietary pen testing technologies. 

Scapien has a unique and scalable approach to Pen-testing — we utilize our proprietary intelligent Penetration Assimilation System (iPAS). We combine the best of man and machine. Human knowledge and skills with state-of-the-art automation, optimized using AI. See below for a summary of our process flow:


Utilize the skills of the best human pen-testers — experience, creativity, problem solving, and adaptability.
Utilize all the benefits of machine pen-testing — perfect recall, ability to conduct extremely detail-oriented tasks accurately, exceptional data-analysis of large data chunks, speed, accuracy, thoroughness and deep learning.
Automated pen-testing — a system that is continuously learning and adapting by leveraging human and machine capabilities.
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